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News and Info on the film BUNRAKU
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News and Information on the film Bunraku
NEWS BLOG with articles relating to BUNRAKU the feature film - director Guy Moshe, starring Josh Hartnett, GACKT, Woody Harrelson, Ron Perlman, Demi Moore, Kevin McKidd.

All posts must relate to the film, individual posts on actors/artists may be allowed only as they relate to BUNRAKU. We will not post speculation on any topic, the source must be legitimate and verifiable.

All off-topic comments will be removed, consistent off-topic comments, flames, trolling, or disrespect within the community may cause your membership to be revoked.

ALL OFF TOPIC Comments will be removed.

CHECK JOURNAL TAGS to see if your content has already been featured before making a post.

With BB Exclusive material, please link to the blog, instead of re-posting, and highlight our reporter's names.

If backstage (personal) images are posted, we must have a link to the original source so we know these images were intended for the general public. Please credit the copyright owners of these images.

We hope to provide a resource for fans and journalists, however, it is journalistic practice and common courtesy to credit your sources. When following links from our blog to production art, behind-the-scenes photos, etc. contact and credit the artist and photographer for use of their work.

We do not promote fan-work journals and sites (fic, art, icons, rpgs etc.) at this time.

BUNRAKU BLOG reserves the right to select who may join the community to post and comment on posts, all posts are unlocked.
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A Division of the gackt_army International Fanclub.

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